Poetry by Sondra Kay Neiman

The Chameleon - a Fable

   Behind wine-colored glasses the Chameleon laughed.
   So clever was his simple disguise!
   Whose stealth of wit or parleys of charm could match his
   Hidden, wind-up eyes, destined for lies? . . .

   Fresh from a bath, the Sparrow nibbled some dinner.
   Fearless was she, in spite of her size.
   Pure of soul and faith, she tarried not in the gloom
   Or the doom of thieving enterprise.

   "Hello my friend!" the Chameleon grinned. "Howdy-do!"
   Such charisma, see! His tact, how wise!
   "Oh! May I help you?" she asked, her senses on guard.
   Beware! Be careful was her surmise.

   In the scheme of his hustle, he slithered closely.
   He saw not a breath beyond his prize.
   He saw not the circling hawk. The Sparrow fled and
   Left the Chameleon to his demise.                      

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