Poetry by Sondra Kay Neiman


     'Twas a dark and drizzly dreary day
     When naught but frogs were wont to play.
     Yet come you did through bleak and gloom
     And brought the sun into my room.

     Water friend you say you're not,
     But to me, the ocean's surge you brought.
     You made me feel in moments so brief
     Afire, like sunset on a tropical reef.

     Although you leave to mystery
     The quest for cosmic history,
     Your eyes betray a depth so bright
     Amidst a twinkle of a child's delight.

     Someday I know we'll go our ways --
     Seeking dreams that build new days.
     But friend, I hope I'll always be
     Somewhere in your memory.                     

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      Sondra Kay Neiman
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