Poetry by Sondra Kay Neiman

A Drop of Time

            Lazing in this drop of time
            Images swim through my mind.
            Some I can hear, some I see,
            Others have little meaning for me.

            Then I see your playful smile,
            And I can't help but linger awhile.
            Next, your body moves, it writhes --
            A dance of life before my eyes.

            Reflecting then upon your touch,
            I realize I have missed it much.
            And I wonder if you know somehow
            I'm longing still to touch you now.

            Oh, why a snowflake did I be?
            So cold and dribbly and unlike me!
            Why did confusion squeeze my soul
            When I should have had the strength to know?

            Perhaps our touch was meant to be
            Brief, like ships that pass at sea.
            Yet still I'll weave these dreams of mine
            While lazing in this drop of time.                      

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