Poetry by Sondra Kay Neiman

Scorpion Fever

   Sweet sunset, your chakras glowing.
   Warm Aquilo, now gently blowing.
   Oh Scorpion!
   There on the mountain horizon you lay
   Basking in the white twilight aura.
   I danced with you in the valley today.
   But where will you be tomorrow?

   Violet lotus and scent of myrrh.
   Pulsing ocean and serpent's lure.
   Oh Scorpion!
   You stung my soul so long ago.
   For seven years I heard your name.
   Then you returned on the river's flow.
   With the ocean tide, you're gone again.

   To autumn sings the weeping willow.
   Tear drops stain your mossy pillow.
   Oh Scorpion!
   Persephone sprouted in Cupid's delight.
   (We vowed that love would always be free.)
   Then after harvest, Demeter darkened the night.
   Still trapped by your heart, how free can I be?

   Rafael! Won't you come on gilded wing?
   Aphrodite and Neptune! What song do you sing?
   Oh Scorpion!
   Thundering buffalo, god of death!
   How can I keep this alive?
   Your name I shall call with every breath.
   Rebirth. Will it truly survive?
   Oh Scorpion!                     

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