Poetry by Sondra Kay Neiman


     Gather 'round my dragon pets --
     Unfold your wings and sit.
     There's magic in the air today.
     Let's weave some spells a bit.
     I have two baby wizard friends
     Whose souls are pure and white.
     But they've been attacked by sorcerers
     Whose hearts are dark as night.
     Now let me draw upon my pipe
     And flip a page or two.
     Let us ponder on this fate
     And see what we can do.
     Ah yes, I have it! Here it is --
     A potion made of fire.
     With blazing stars the skies shall glow.
     Behold the flaming pyre!
     The night is long; the stench is strong
     Of wickedness and sin,
     'Til the dark is purged by starfire
     To let the morning in.
     Yes, soon there comes the Morningstar
     Who births a glorius dawn.
     The battle over, lay me down.
     I think my work is done.                       

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