Poetry by Sondra Kay Neiman

The Snake

     The snake, his mighty head held high
     Was all prepared for battle.
     So slithering, he made his way
     There'd be no fiddle-faddle.

     While writhing in the sun-warmed earth
     His challenger appeared.
     He took one look at those sharp teeth
     And knew that he'd be smeared.

     But courage made the snake rebel
     Against the tiger's size,
     For if to win the snake knew that
     His lunch would be his prize.

     So snaking 'round behind the bush
     He planned a sneak attack.
     But then he saw a nearby tree
     And silently drew back.

     He climbed with skill out on a limb
     To be above the tiger.
     But second thought made him retreat;
     He'd climb a little higher.

     Quite satisfied in his new place
     He thought he was doing well,
     Then thought how dreadful it would be
     If he accidently fell.

     With this in mind he moved again
     To the limb he first was on.
     But if the tiger saw him there
     He would surely soon be gone.

     So once again he changed his place
     To the grass beneath the tree.
     Here he knew the hungry tiger
     Could not find or dine on he.

     Now the snake was sure he would win.
     For wasn't he quite clever?
     Had the tiger really a chance
     To win the battle, ever?

     But looking up the snake saw not
     The tiger he'd outwitted.
     He hadn't won or even lost:
     The tiger had acquitted.                   

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