Poetry by Sondra Kay Neiman

Cowboy Blues

         Papa was a cowboy, he spied a pretty lass.
         Mama was a showgirl, but she had all the class.
         She stole his heart then offered hers;
         Ol' Pop took a notion to hang up his spurs.

         But a promise is hard for the freedom  bound.
         Rugged terrain's where a true man is found.
         A restless wind taunted Pop's passion;
         Come morn' he was gone in a coward's fashion.

         Anger flamed, panic and pain.
         How could she explain Pop's disdain?
         Drying her tears, she packed up her skirts
         And headed for Vegas, her heart full of quirts.

         Alone in the lights and the bustle and noise
         Mom danced with a vengence of pride and poise.
         Always polite to the heads she turned,
         She couldn't forget that her love'd been spurned.

         Out on the range, a cowboy rode slow.
         His saddle grew stiff and his rope wouldn't throw.
         At night by the campfire, he joined not in song.
         Coyotes wailed mournful; something was wrong.

         The cattle drive over, Pop limped into town,
         Slumped to a bar, his mood for to drown.
         Never before had he felt so forlorn!
         Why was he wishing he'd never been born?

         There! On a poster! His heart leaped a mile!
         The ad for a nightclub bade him to smile.
         "The Flower of Vegas" . . . beautiful she was!
         Ol' Pop knew his problem. He reckoned the cause.

         He wasted no time, but bought a good suit.
         He leased a fine ranch with an orchard of fruit.
         To the son of a partner, his spurs he lent,
         And with horse and buggy, a courtin' he went.

         When he found her, she met him with a slap and a tear.
         She had left her job and was filled with fear.
         She wouldn't say why, but he noticed the pudge.
         His eyes spilled with joy, his heart felt the nudge.

         Cowboys get the blues, well, ladies do too.
         Pop made a journey to learn that is true.
         He vowed to love always, never again be so rude.
         On their new adventure, they raised quite a brood.                      

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