Poetry by Sondra Kay Neiman

Primitively Superior

            The native men had pounded out
            The jungle sound of rawhide drums,
            While hidden deeply in the grass
            Lay two young men, aware, alert.

            A savage girl then wildly pounced
            From deep within a buckskin tent.
            A primitive cat hide she wore
            And her wild hair abounded.

            The two white men saw weapons there:
            A spear, a bow, and arrows sharp.
            So primitive those weapons were
            Comparing them with modern guns.

            And on they watched . . . that savage girl
            So primitive in every way
            To their superiority:
            Their guns, their life, their modern ways.

            Convulsions shook within the girl . . .
            Her hair flew wildly in the air.
            But lo! A foot moved in the brush!
            Two skillful hands clutched waiting spears.

            The dance, so primitive to see,
            Continued on with rhythmic beat,
            While still and dead lay two young men,
            Superiority, and all.                      

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