Poetry by Sondra Kay Neiman


   A Bed of rippling waters
   Inflated with mossy cushions
   On which to float
   Until the grassy arms of earth
   Entwine themselves around
   A cuddly bear
   Which, giggling in delight,
   Is laid upon a smooth, hard rock,
   There to rest in the warmth of
   Rock and sun, while each does penetrate,
   Becoming One as they meet,
   Rejoicing with song, clear and sweet,
   Caught in the gentle zephyrs
   Which come to lift the vibrations
   To dwell in mountain heights
   Where they whisper through trees
   And echo through valleys,
   Lingering awhile, then rushing on to the next
   Never stopping,
   Never ceasing to exist.
   Whipping through you.
   Whipping through me.
   Making us a part of
   Making us

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                  wildlife art by
      Sondra Kay Neiman
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